Top 5 Key Difference Between Blog and Website

Difference between Website and Blog

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

When I started my first blog, I also didn’t know about the difference between Blog and Website. After working on my own blog and looking to other sites, I felt and noticed the difference between these two.

Even you may find many questions over the internet like:

What is the difference between A Blog and A Website?

Which is the easiest and better way to Make Money Online (Website or Blog)?

It seems very difficult to answer but actually it’s not. Many people are using websites and many using blogs to make money online. In this tutorial I will show you how a blog is different than a website and then you decide yourself which is better option to make money online.

What is a Blog?

  1. Blog contents are regularly updated.
  2. Blog does not look formal and often covers a wide variety of articles.
  3. Blog is a two way communication because it provides commenting system also.
  4. Articles appear in reverse-chronological order.
  5. Blogs are frequently crawled by Search Engines.

In simple terms, A blog is constantly supplying interesting and useful content for its readers and enables them to interact with the blogger. They can also ask questions that you can answer.

What is a Website?

  1. Website has a static page; its contents are not regularly updated.
  2. Website looks formal and more professional than a blog.
  3. Website has a one way communication only.
  4. Website communicates about products and services.
  5. Generally everyone creates a website to promote their business over the internet.

In simple terms, A Website is a virtual store that sells products and/or services. People can either purchase something directly from your website or they can use your website to find out what services you offer.

Now, I hope you understood the difference between blog and website.

Whether you have a website or a blog, both the options are good for make money online but only if you have lots of patience, dedication, commitment and hard work.

What is your opinion about a Website and a Blog? Which is the better option to Make Money Online? Do write in comment section. If you liked this article, Do subscribe and don’t forget to share with your friends or colleagues.

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