How to Choose the Perfect Niche for Your Blog?

I know you want to start a blog and make money online but confused what to blog about. In this article I will help you to choose the perfect niche for your blog.

Do you know how important is to choose the perfect niche for your blog?

A niche is the core foundation of building a profitable and successful blog. In simple terms you can say, the niche of your blog is the topic of your blog that you write about. It helps you to build a connection with the targeted audience related to your niche.

Why People Fail to Choose the Right Niche?

I researched a lot and found, there are three main reason of not finding the perfect niche.

Reason-1: People picks a niche they love to write about but don’t realize the potential of the niche.

  • They are unable to earn money and then give up.

Reason-2: Some people picks a niche on the basis of profitability or income.

  • They always look for other professional bloggers in the same niche who are making thousands of dollar per month and then they also start a blog in same niche. A few months later when they are not able to earn money with the bog, they quit.

Reason-3: Some people write all the category articles in one blog.

  • This type of people start writing with one category and when they are left with no idea, they start writing articles of other category too.

Just think of it.

If you write one day about tech, then you write about blogging, and then you start writing about health and travel, who is going to visit your website. You will fail to attract targeted audience.

Here at SmartBloggingIdeas, we write about blogging, seo and affiliate marketing.

To grow your profitable business online, you need targeted audience. And to get the targeted audience, you need to choose your niche wisely.

So, let’s discuss what to blog about.

How to Choose the Perfect Niche For Your Blog?

Do you know why people use internet other than entertainment?

Most of the people surf internet to find some solution. The solution can be related to technical, health, finance, make money, or anything like that. Now you have to think what you are good at.

1) What You are Passionate About?

This is the first and most important question you should ask yourself.

What’s your passion?

What you can do without getting a single penny?

Because if you are not passionate about what you are writing about, soon you will be left with no idea. You will be completely blank and later on you will realize that this is not a perfect niche to blog.

So, first select few niche (3 to 5) where you are good at and passionate about it.

2) Research the Potential of a Niche

After selecting the niche, next step is to research the potential of a niche.

Now how to research?

There are tools available online where you can find the potential of your keywords. Check the top five or top ten keywords of your niche with Google Keyword Planner (free), SERPs tool (free), SEMrush (premium), or Long Tail Pro (premium) to check the volume of searches.

For example: If you have a little over 20k to 25k average monthly searches for those five keywords, then that niche market like (“blogging tips”) has enough volume and would be a good choice for a blog.

3) Research the Profitability of a Niche

There are many people who start blogging just as a hobby but quite a few are making a living out of it. So it is very important to find the profitability of a niche.

You need to explore the monetization methods for your niche. The easiest way to find monetization is to see what your competitors are promoting. You can use Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, or Sell Ad Space to monetize your blog.

For affiliate marketing:

  • You can find affiliate marketing offers at,,, and Amazon affiliate networks.
  • You can also do a Google search for your keywords i.e. “[your keyword] affiliate program” and find the best affiliate program for your niche.

If you follow this simple strategy, you will be able to find a profitable niche for your blog.

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