Pretty Links Pro Review – Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin

Looking for pretty links pro review, this in-depth review will help you to understand the pros and cons of pretty links pro WordPress plugin.

Pretty links is the most powerful WordPress plugin for redirection, link cloaking or shrinking and affiliate link management in the market like Thirsty Affiliates. Pretty Links gives you complete control over how your affiliate links look and where they redirect. It also allows you to create group, organize and automate your affiliate link strategy. Pretty links track click counts and replaces keywords automatically.

Pretty Links Pro Best WordPress Plugin

Pretty Links Pricing:

Pretty Links offer three type of licenses for beginner, marketer and executive. If you have only 1 website then go for beginner license. If you have up to 10 websites then go for marketer. Executive plan is perfect for developers, agencies and other leaders who want big results.

Coupon – 10OFF – Beginner Plan @ $57 $51.30 – 10% OFF
Coupon – 10OFFMarketer Plan @ $97 $87.30 – 10% OFF
Coupon – 10OFFExecutive Plan @ $197 $177.30 – 10% OFF

Note: If you are a blogger or savvy marketers then I would recommend you to buy executive license. Don’t forget to apply coupon code 10OFF to get 10% OFF on regular price.

Pretty Links Pro WordPress Plugin Features:

Pretty links has been downloaded over 1.9 million times. Pretty Links is useful for affiliate marketers, bloggers, podcasters, merchants, social media marketers and anyone who want to easily take control of their own affiliate link strategy. It has so many features like:

  • You can create clean and simple URLs on your website that redirect to any other URL.
    • Redirect allows for 301, 302, and 307 redirects
    • Your affiliate link:
    • Your Pretty Link:
  • You can create group, organize and automate your affiliate link strategy.
  • Pretty links track click counts and replace keywords automatically.
  • Protect your affiliate links by using Cloaked Redirects.
  • Redirect based on a visitor’s location.
  • You can import and export links easily.
  • You can share your affiliate cloaked links with social sharing feature.
  • You can do split testing of your links in Pretty links pro.
  • Generate a Pretty Link Pro report.
  • Many more…..

Pretty Links Pro: Conclusion


  • It’s very easy to shorten/clock your ugly affiliate links.
  • The plugin easily tracks unique clicks and hits on your affiliate links.
  • Split testing of pretty affiliate links.
  • It’s available at Affordable Pricing.
  • It has powerful auto keyword replacement with your affiliate cloaking links.
  • It has all the features you need in a link cloaking management tool.


  • Pretty links don’t show target links clearly on dashboard, it shows only clocked links properly.
  • Social Media feature could have been better.

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If I compare Pretty Links and Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin, then both the affiliate link cloaking plugin works great. There is no issue any of them. You can choose any WordPress plugin. I find majorly one difference in cloaked links.

Pretty Link:

Thirsty Affiliates Link:

Thirsty affiliates put a word (like recommends) between your website name and cloaked keyword. You can put any other word instead of recommends. This is the main difference in both the plugins. Now it’s up to you which plugin you want to buy.

FAQ: Important Question

Question: Will my pretty links stop working if my license expires?

Answer: As this is a yearly license so if your license expires, you will not get any software/plugin updates. But don’t worry, your pretty links WordPress plugin will continue working and you’ll be able to access all other features (core and premium)–as long as Pretty Links is installed. Also, don’t forget that their support team will always there to ensure you are well taken care of. If you want to update your plugin, you will have to renew your yearly license.


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